First Day Cover

22kt Gold Replica Stamps/First Day Covers More than 450 covers! Dates 1980-2001

22kt Gold Replica Stamps/First Day Covers More than 450 covers! Dates 1980-2001
22kt Gold Replica Stamps/First Day Covers More than 450 covers! Dates 1980-2001
22kt Gold Replica Stamps/First Day Covers More than 450 covers! Dates 1980-2001
22kt Gold Replica Stamps/First Day Covers More than 450 covers! Dates 1980-2001
22kt Gold Replica Stamps/First Day Covers More than 450 covers! Dates 1980-2001
22kt Gold Replica Stamps/First Day Covers More than 450 covers! Dates 1980-2001
22kt Gold Replica Stamps/First Day Covers More than 450 covers! Dates 1980-2001
22kt Gold Replica Stamps/First Day Covers More than 450 covers! Dates 1980-2001
22kt Gold Replica Stamps/First Day Covers More than 450 covers! Dates 1980-2001
22kt Gold Replica Stamps/First Day Covers More than 450 covers! Dates 1980-2001
22kt Gold Replica Stamps/First Day Covers More than 450 covers! Dates 1980-2001
22kt Gold Replica Stamps/First Day Covers More than 450 covers! Dates 1980-2001

22kt Gold Replica Stamps/First Day Covers More than 450 covers! Dates 1980-2001

Do Not Miss this Extraordinary Collection! G OLDEN R EPLICAS of U NITED S TATES S TAMPS.

Proof Replicas on a Gleaming Surface of 22 Karat Gold. Seven albums and more than 450 first day covers. M ost covers come with fact cards. Most subjects are listed below.

W e are happy to answer questions! American Red Cross - 100th Anniversary. Whitney Moore Young - Black Heritage Series. Space Achievement - Exploring the Moon. Space Achievement - Shuttle Jettisons Rocket Boosters.

Vincent Millay - Literary Arts Series. Savings and Loan Associates - 150th Anniversary. Space Achievement - Comprehending the Universe. Space Achievement - Probing the Planets. America's Libraries - Legacies to Mankind. Wolf Trap Farm Park - Performing Arts Series. Jackie Robinson - Black Heritage Series. Francis of Assisi - 800th Anniversary of Birth. Touro Synagogue - America's First Synagogue. American Architecture - Fallingwater-Mill Run, Penna. Dulles Airport - Washington, D.

Gropius House - Lincoln, Mass. Knoxville World's Fair - Solar Energy. Ponce de Leon - Explorer of Florida. Martin Luther - 500th Anniversary of Birth.

Charles Streetcar - American Streetcars. Early Electric Steetcar - American Streetcars. First American Streetcar - American Streetcars.

"Bobtail" Horsecar - American Streetcars. Ballooning - Navigating the Skies. German Settlers - The Concord 300th Anniversary. Physical Fitness - Exercise and Sports.

Babe Ruth - American Sports Series. Scott Joplin - Black Heritage Series. Nikola Tesla - American Inventors.

Civil Service - 100th Anniversary. Nathaniel Hawthorne - Literary Arts Series. Edwin Armstrong - American Inventors. Medal of Honor - An American Award for Valor. Brooklyn Bridge - 100th Anniversary.

Tennessee Valley Authority - 50th Anniversary. Charles Steinmetz - American Inventors. Science and Industry - Partners in American Growth. Ballooning - Explorer II, 1935.

Treaty of Paris - 200th Anniversary. Civilian Conservation Corps - 50th Anniversary.

Volunteerism - Lend a Hand. Metropolitan Opera - 100th Anniversary. Joseph Priestley - 250th Anniversary of Birth. Winter Olympic Games - Ice Hockey. Winter Olympic Games - Ice Dancing.

Winter Olympic Games - Alpine Skiing. Winter Olympic Games - Cross - Country Skiing. Sinclair Lewis - 100th Anniversary of Birth. Frederic Bartholdi - Statue of Liberty Sculptor.

General Henry Knox - Revolutionary War Leader. Walter Lippmann - American Journalist. Mary McLeod Bethune - Black Heritage Series. Sylvanus Thayer - 200th Anniversary of Birth.

Father Flanagan - Founder of Boys Town. Duke Ellington - Performing Arts Series. Belva Ann Lockwood - Women's Rights Leader.

Polar Explorers - Robert E. Polar Explorers - Adolphus W.

Folk Art Series - Nautical Figure. Folk Art Series - Cigar-Store Figure.

Navajo Art - Blanket Weaving. Navajo Art - Centuries of Tradition. Navajo Art - Tribal Crafts. Polar Explorers - Vilhjalmur Stefansson.

Polar Explorers - Elisha Kent Kane. Julia Ward Howe - Writer, Lecturer, and Social Reformer. Delaware Statehood - 200th Anniversary. Mary Lyon - Pioneer in Women's Education.

Constitution - And secure the blessings. Maryland Statehood - 200th Anniversary. 1988 Olympics - Winter Games. Christmas 1989 - Madonna and Child.

World War II - Japanese Surrender. World War II - Victory Celebrated. World War II - Veterans Honored.

World War II - Battle for Okinawa. World War II - Germany Surrenders.

World War II - Millions Uprooted. World War II - Marines on Iwo Jima. World War II - U. World War II - Survivors Liberated. World War II - Manila Freed.

Texas Statehood - 150th Anniversary. United Nations - 50th Anniversary. Jazz Musicians - Louis Armstrong. Earth Day - Solar Energy.

Earth Day - Beach Preservation. Earth Day - Global Clean-up. Carousel Horses - Indian Pony. Carousel Horses - King Horse.

Carousel Horses - Armored Jumper. Carousel Horses - "Lillie Belle" Jumper. Iowa Statehood - 150th Anniversary. Women in Military Service - Honoring Those Who Served. Classic American Aircraft - 314 Clipper.

United We Stand - In Purpose, Pride and Determination. First Day of Issue of the Original Stamp. 1893 Columbus in Sight of Land.

1893 Columbus Restored to Favor. 1924 Landing of the Walloons.

Golden Replicas of United States Stamps Album "Victor Clark". Tennessee Williams - American Playright. Christmas 1995 - Madonna and Child.

Naval Academy - 150th Anniversary. Antique Automobiles - 1893 Duryea. Antique Automobiles - 1894 Haynes. Polk - 200th Anniversary of His Birth.

Antique Automobiles - 1899 Winton. Antique Automobiles - 1901 White. Antique Automobiles - 1898 Columbia. Winter Garden Flowers - Winter Aconite.

Winter Garden Flowers - Crocus. Utah Statehood - 100th Anniversary. Winter Garden Flowers - Anemone. Winter Garden Flowers - Pansy. Happy New Year - Year of the Rat.

Smithsonian Institution - 150th Anniversary. Just - Black Heritage Series.

Pioneers of Communication - Frederic Ives. Pioneers of Communication - Eadweard Muybridge. Pioneers of Communication - Ottmar Mergenthaler.

Pioneers of Communication - William Dickson. Fulbright Scholarships - 50th Anniversary. Georgia O'Keeffe - American Artist. Tennessee statehood - 200th Anniversary. American Indian Dances - Hoop Dance.

American Indian Dances - Fancy Dance. American Indian Dances - Raven Dance.

American Indian Dances - Traditional Dance. American Indian Dances - Butterfly Dance. Prehistoric Animals - Saber Tooth Cat. First Day of Issue of the original stamp: 1918 Inverted Jenny. Golden Replicas of the United States Stamps Album "Leona Hiles".

Popular Illustrators - Life in America. First Moon Landing - 25th Anniversary. Steam Locomotives - Hudson's General.

Steam Locomotives - Ely's No. Steam Locomotives - Eddy's No. Steam Locomotives - Mcqueen's Jupiter. Steam Locomotives - Buchanan's No. George Meany - Labor Leader. James Thurber - American Humorist. Wonders of the Sea - Ocean Exploration. Wonders of the Sea - Marine Life. Wonders of the Sea - Underwater Treasures. Endangered Birds - Whooping Crane. Endangered Birds - Black-Necked Crane. Wonders of the Sea - Coral Reefs. Happy New Year - Year of the Boar. Christmas 1994 - Madonna and Child. Christmas 1994 - Yuletide Greetings. Florida Statehood - 150th Anniversary. Richard Nixon - Thirty-seventh President. Bessie Coleman - Black Heritage Series. Marilyn Monroe - Legends of Hollywood.

POWs and MIAs - Never Forgotten. Great Lakes Lighthouses - Split Rock, Lake Superior. Great Lakes Lighthouses - St.

Great Lakes Lighthouses - Spetacle Reef, Lake Huron. Great Lakes Lighthouses - Marblehead, Lake Erie. Great Lakes Lighthouses - 30 Mile Point, Lake Ontario.

Women's Suffrage - 75th Anniversary. World War II - Marines of Iwo Jima.

Fall Garden Flowers - Aster. Fall Garden Flowers - Chrysanthemum. Fall Garden Flowers - Dahlia. Fall Garden Flowers - Hydrangea.

Fall Garden Flowers - Rudbeckia. Christmas 1995 - Child Holding Jumping Jack.

Rupublic of Palau - 1st Anniversary of Statehood. Christmas 1995 - Santa on a Rooftop. Christmas 1995 - Santa in a Workshop.

Christmas 1995 - Child Holding Tree. Chistmas 1995 - Madonna and Child. Anitque Automobiles - 1894 Haynes. Antique Automobilies - 1893 Duryea. Golden Replicas of United States Stamps Album Denis A. Christmas 1986 - Traditions of Christmas. New York Statehood - 200th Anniversary. 1988 Olympics - Summer Games. Love - As Precious as a Rose. Antartic Explorers - Richard E.

Antartic Explorers - Nathaniel Palmer. Antatartic Explorers - Lincoln Ellsworth. Christmas 1988 - Traditions of Christmas.

Mary Cassatt - American Impressionist Painter. Chrtmas 1988 - Madonna and child. Chester Carlson - Father of Xerography.

Montana Statehood - 100th Anniversary. Philip Randolph - Black Heritage Series.

North Dakota Statehood - 100th Anniversary. World Stamp Expo'89 - International Stamp Show. Arturo Toscanini - Performing Arts Series. House of Representatives - Constitution Series. Steamboats - Walk in the Water.

Washington Statehood - 100th Anniversary. United States Senate - Constitution Series. Executive Branch - Constitution Series. South Dakota Statehood - 100th Anniversary. Baseball - American Sports Series.

Ernest Hemingway - Literary Arts Series. French Revolution - 200th Anniversary. Sitting Bull - Sioux Tribal Leader. Letter Carriers - We Deliver!

North Carolina Statehood - 200th Anniversary. Bill of Rights - 200th Anniversary. Christmas 1989 - Traditions of Christmas. America's Classic Films - Adventures. America's Classic Films - Musicals.

America's Classic Films - Dramas. Wells - Black Heritage Series. Love - With Heartfelt Affection. Idaho Statehood - 100th Anniversary.

Wyoming Statehood - 100th Anniversary. Supreme Court - Constitution Series. Marianne Moore - Literary Arts Series. Lighthouses - Admiralty Head, Washington. America's Classic Films - Westerns.

Golden Replica's of United States Stamps Album "Mary Rollick". Cats - American Shorthair, Persian. South Carolina Statehood - 200th Anniversary.

Knute Rockne - American Sports Series. New Hampshire Statehood - 200th Anniversary.

Francis Ouimet - American Sports Series. Buffalo Bill Cody - U. Virginia Statehood - 200th Anniversary. Classic Cars - 1928 Locomobile. Classic Cars - 1929 Pierce-Arrow. Classic Cars - 1935 Duesenberg. Classic Cars - 1932 Packard. Classic Cars - 1931 Cord. Antarctic Explorers - Richard E. Antarctic Explorers - Nathaniel Palmer. Antarctic Explorers - Lincoln Ellsworth. Christmas 1988 - Madonna and Child. Golden Replicas of the United States Wildlife Stamps Richard A. Wildlife of our Fifty States.

Golden Replicas of United States Stamps Album Stephen G. Health Research - Conquering Illness. Duke Ellingon - Performing Arts Series. Arkansas Statehood - 150th Anniversary. Jack London - American Author.

Stamp Collecting - Joint Issue of Sweden. Stamp Collecting - A Hobby for Life. Stamp Collecting - Honoring Ameriplex'86.

Love - Sent From the Heart. Sojourner Truth - Black Heritage Series. Rupublic of Texas - 150th Anniversary. George Washington - Father of Our Country. Black - 100th Anniversary of Birth. Public Hospitals - Serving American People. Forest Fire Prevention - Preserving Our Wildlife. Margaret Mitchell - Author of "Gone With the Wind". First Day of Issue of the Original Stamp: May 13, 1918. Statue of Liberty - 100th Anniversary. Navajo Art - American Indians. Folk Art Series - Highlander Figure. Eliot - Literary Arts Series. Michigan Statehood - 150th Anniversary. Christmas 1986 - Madonna and Child. Pan American Games - Indianapolis - 1987. Love - For Someone Special. Jean Baptiste Du Sable - Black Heritage Series. Enrico Caruso - Performing Arts Series. Special Messages - Happy Birthday!

Girl Scouts USA - 75th Anniversary. Special Messages - Keep in Touch!

Special Messages - Love You, Mother! United Way - 100th Anniversary. Special Messages - Best Wishes! Special Messages - Love You, Dad!

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22kt Gold Replica Stamps/First Day Covers More than 450 covers! Dates 1980-2001